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A Proactive Plan In Place

Encore Advocates exists to support families needing real estate services due to someone transitioning beyond retirement.  We also serve to educate families on proactive planning for the inevitable time frame when aging parents and family members face unexpected sickness and death.  We walk you through every part of decision-making, pairing you and your family with vetted businesses, such as estate attorneys, financial planners, and more.

Our vision is to help families prepare ahead of time for those transitioning beyond retirement by having a plan in place, assuring remaining family members have the particulars in order.

Helping you create a financial plan that will leave you and your loved ones feeling secure.

Discussing your home options and helping you find the right mortgage and rates for your retirement years.

Walking you through the types of insurance you may need beyond retirement and why they are important.

Alleviate the burden placed on your family by helping you prepare for the process of selling your home.

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Are you prepared for end-of-life needs or sudden death? Not sure what to do when the time comes to sell your home or engage in long-term care? Let Encore Advocates give you peace of mind by helping get everything in order so you can age successfully. Putting a plan in place before you need it allows you to maintain the lifestyle you want in your senior years.

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Planning For Your Future

Aging is a natural and beautiful gift, and we want you and your loved ones to embrace and enjoy that time in your life. This process takes careful planning, and Encore Advocates believes it is important to take steps now. We will help you to make thoughtful decisions to ensure that you have a Real Estate plan in place.  We will also help with proactive planning for your senior years through vetted financial, legal, living, and medical experts.

We work to provide an environment that supports your wishes and needs, both for yourself and your loved ones.

Choosing the Right Attorney

Choosing the Right Financial Advisor

Relocation Specialists

Home and Life Insurance

Funeral Insurance and Long-Term Care

Choosing the Right Mortgage

Finding the Right Realtor

Handling the Moving Process

Buying and Selling Your Home

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    about me

    Cindy Rivers

    Having dealt with the abruptness of life-altering diagnoses for both my father-in-law and my mother, I learned a lot of vital information about the needs for end-of-life planning. If not done in advance, many steps could potentially cause issues for loved ones as they are tying up loose ends. Those extra steps can seem daunting and challenging to tend to while grieving, and sometimes impossible to correct or change after a death.

    Years ago, I worked with an Assisted Living to help potential clients sell their homes to fund the move and realized how many people are not prepared for end-of-life needs. I realized that they need Real Estate Pre-Planning to ease the burden from them and their loved ones. And, as a networking professional, I saw the value that I can add to my clients by sharing my network resources.

    My goal has always been to educate my clients on the value of preparing for the inevitable. I want to walk them through the process with vetted professionals that they will need along the planning journey. Losing a loved one is challenging, and if I can help ease the burden for my client’s families in the long run, I’ve done what I set out to do.

    aging is a time of transition

    Your Personal Security Plan

    Don't leave the planning to your loved ones. Waiting too long can not only be an emotional burden but a financial one on your family. Take care of these crucial matters now so you can relax and enjoy your senior years knowing Encore Advocates has your best in mind.
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